Basic Usage
Exchange Mode

Basic Usage


Look up where you can find “Butterflies” on the map and also don’t forget to check out the latest news on the top of the screen.


“Butterfly” Blog
Insider’s tip on where and when to find “Butterflies” as well as special offerings!

Display where to find “Butterflies” and click on them for related content.




Catching “Butterflies”
Look through your phone’s camera lens in “Catch” mode and find “Butterflies” closest to you.
*Watch out your surroundings when your look for and catch “Butterflies”.
Can’t find “Butterflies” you like? Discover different “Butterflies” by switching the interface to “Map” or “Collection” and swap back to “Catch” mode.


Catching Frame
When a “Butterfly” enters the catching frame, you’ll see a “Catch !” reminder - just use your wrist to gently give your phone a flick to catch it.
*Be careful and don’t let your phone falls off your hands!
This is our “Butterfly” net!
  Catching Successful
  Collection Icon
Press the Collection Icon on the screen and add them to your collection when you’ve successfully catch “Butterfly”.
Butterfly Collection
In Butterfly Collection, you can view your collection in different categories
Number of Butterflies
At the top of the collection list, you’ll find the numbers of your “Butterfly” collections.
  Butterfly Button
Click on the “Butterfly” to find out more about it.
Edit Mode
Long press any of the “Butterfly” in "All Collections" page until it flutters to enter edit mode. You can then move or delete your collections and press “Finish” to exit.
Exchange Button
Exchange your collections with other users through Facebook.
“i” Button
To find out more about the butterfly series, click on the “i” button. Simply follow the requirement and collect corresponding “Butterflies” for chances to win special prizes.
  Butterfly Details
Click on the Butterfly icon to display further details.
Total Number of Individual Butterfly
“Butterflies” with same content will be deducted from the total number of “Butterflies” when the rewards have been redeemed.
Connect to Facebook to share “Butterfly” information.
  Name Tag
Click on the Name Tag for more exciting information about the “Butterflies”




Exchange Mode

Users can also give their “Butterfly” collections through Facebook. Just click on the “Exchange” button on the top left corner and select “Facebook”. Your gift will be available for download at your friend’s next login.

Just a few steps to share your joy with your friends!

1. Pick a butterfly and enter the butterfly page
2. Click the ‘exchange button’ on the top right hand corner
3. Pick a friend in the Facebook list to send him/her the selected butterfly
4. Use your finger to press the butterfly. When it is dimmed, slide your finger upward
5. When the butterfly flies away, your friend will receive the butterfly after a few minutes

6. The receiver will have the latest no. of butterflies updated on the top right corner.
The butterfly with a ‘New’ indication will also appear in receiver’s butterfly collection.


Users can select display language, log in or log out Facebook and refer to user guide from the Info page.