26 Sep 2015
The annual signature fundraising event "Pink Walk on the Peak 2015" by Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation will be held at the Peak. The participant can also join the new event "Off Peak Pink walk 2015" to walk everywhere, anytime and get Towngas coupons for free! Support Now!
07 Aug 2015
Join appsdollar x Lai Yuen facebook campaign to win Lai Yuen Super Summer 2015 tokens for Free!
10 Jul 2015
Raman Bari-Uma will soon make its debut in Hong Kong on 23 July! Enjoy a collection of ramen offers and a chance to win a set of two return flight tickets to Hiroshima!
02 Apr 2015
Chocolate Rain will share their design with the theme of "Love is all around" in iButterfly this year! More offer will also be released irregularly!
09 Jan 2015
Check out the local designers' secret stories and enjoy purchasing discount of the delicate handmade products!
01 Dec 2014
To share the happiness of entering 10th anniversary, AsiaWorld-Expo will reward you various show tickets and F&B special offers.
01 Nov 2014
From now till 16 Nov 2014, catch butterflies to learn more about the theme "Science & Art" of the Arts in the Park 2014 and get a chance to redeem a fabulous prize for FREE!
25 Jul 2014
Experience Portuguese-Chinese culture in Macau and getting lost in the beauty of Portuguese colonial architecture.
19 Jun 2014
Who is your favourite 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer players? Butterflies tell you more about their profile. Catch now!
07 Apr 2014
Follow us to find the latest trend of Europe, USA, Korea & Japan Fashion and get online shopping offers! Stay tunes and more butterflies are coming!
10 Feb 2014
From now til 16 Mar 2014, use iButterfly new "diy" fuction to design a Love Butterfly and engage it in Fashion walk SPARK! promotion campaign. You will get a chance to win EGL Tours HK$5,000 Travel Coupon and other gift presented by Fashion Walk merchants.
20 Jan 2014
Over 1,000 gifts supported by Fashion Walk tenants including CAMPER, I.T, i.t, Pacific Coffee, TSUMORI CHISATO, ZUCCa, El Cid, King Ludwig German Restaurant etc are waiting for your capture now. Catch more if you can!
Nov 2013
Catch butterflies to check out the outing ideas in Islands district. Enjoy the wonderful breeze with your love ones! All ages are welcome!!
Oct 2013
Visit Japan HK butterflies are now flying! Catch them to get a chance to WIN free round trip ticket to Japan!
04 Sep 2013
Catch designated butterflies in September to get a free gift after visiting the show flat and sales office!
24 June 2013
Get special offers from the Book Fair's exhibitors now! Catch "Book Fair ticket" butterfly to win a free admission ticket of the fair!
8 May 2013
Capture museums butterflies & “IMD 2013, HK” from now on until 19 May to redeem a specially designed souvenir.
12 Apr 2013
Find out the hottest new products and applications on the market!
12 Apr 2013
Visit Grand Openning of MEC and catch assigned butterflies to win FREE Hotel Dinning Voucher and Vintage gifts !
10 Feb 2013
Find out the romantic tricks by catching Valentine's series butterflies!
02 Feb 2013
Asia Miles "iShop Grand Draw" is giving away a top prize of 500,000 miles!
08 Jan 2013
Catch Asia Miles iShop Multiplier Butterflies for a fantastic new year!
02 Jan 2013
Catch butterflies to enjoy 70% discount for the first year premium of specific plan.
04 Dec 2012
Catch Asia Miles iShop Bonus Gains Butterflies to earn up to 5,000 Bonus Asia Miles!
26 Nov 2012
Want to know more about Detour 2012 and Design Renegade? Visit The former Wan Chai Police Station from 30th November to 16th December to find out how you too can be an agent of change.
22 Nov 2012
Catch Asia Miles iShop “Win the Prize” Butterflies to earn your Asia Miles Gift!
20 Nov 2012
Round 1: “iShop Know & Win” kicks off on 22 November 2012, with lots of miles and gifts waiting for you – check it out now!
06 Nov 2012
Catch Berspective butterflies to decode the secrets of marketing!
30 Oct 2012
There are 6 Spooky Story butterflies flying in the sky, let's collet them all before they are gone! Trick or Treat, Story for Free!
13 Aug 2012
Collect 3 butterflies of HKCCF (“HK”, “CCF” and “2012”) to redeem 2 Free HKCCF tickets!
06 Aug2012
What is HK culture? Collect the 5 butterflies of “HK Collection” and find out the local specialties!
20 Jul 2012
Catch 1st Anniversary Butterfly and send us your blessings in return for chances of getting our wonderful gifts!
01 Jul 2012
Collect the assigned "A+" butterflies and get a chance to win Page One / SOGO $200 coupon!
15 Jun 2012
Catch the limited edition butterfly at Stanley on 23 Jun and redeem an ice cream for FREE!
08 Jun 2012
During June 8 to July 1, catch butterflies of your supported team, and you may get adidas prizes once your team wins!
01 Jun 2012
Collect the assigned "A+" butterflies and get a chance to win SOGO $100 coupon!!
30 Apr 2012
Collect the "A+" butterflies and get a chance to win Page One $100 coupon!
27 Apr 2012
Catch the butterflies to enjoy Circle K offer or take a free Samsung GALAXY Note home!
06 Apr 2012
Bringing you the best in oral hygiene and exclusive offers!
02 Apr 2012
Catch them all!
29 Mar 2012
They are so cute that you can't resist to collect them all.
05 Mar 2012
Free month supply of turquoise jelly!
23 Feb 2012
Health is possible with Centrum butterflies. iPad 2 and 1-year supply of Centrum could easily be yours!
10 Feb 2012
SHARE your love using iButterfly enhanced share function!
19 Jan 2012
Tips to stay happy, healthy and wealthy for each animal in the Dragon Year!
19 Jan 2012
(1) Traditional Chinese rhymed riddles!
(2) Lucky wallpapers for download and spread the luck to families and friends!
16 Jan 2012
Win 2 FREE tickets of Hong Kong Disneyland by catching one2free butterflies!
15 Jan 2012
Catch a "Speedy 10" to get Airport Express new offer information!
20 Dec 2011
Catch Cyberport Christmas Funland RODY butterflies to win FREE game tickets or PS Vita!
06 Dec 2011
8 Christmas butterflies are spreading joy to every corner in Hong Kong!
01 Dec 2011
Collect Hung Fook Tong butterflies to win whole month of free Homemade Series soups from Hung Fook Tong!
21 Nov 2011
Receive X'mas gifts until Jan 2, 2012 by catching butterflies to grab some great discounts!
14 Nov 2011
Upon collection of 「G」, 「A」, 「L」, 「A」, 「X」, 「Y」 and 「SII」during 4 - 19 November, getting a White Samsung GALAXY SII for FREE.  
11 Nov 2011
iPhone users can now download from App Store.
31 Oct 2011
"How to use" Butterflies educate users about various functions of iButterfly.
31 Oct 2011
Collect all 5 COSMO We Shared butterflies to win the coolest T-shirt or Limited edition Cosmo Bear!
10 Oct 2011
Collect a set of OK Halloween butterflies , you will get a HK$5000 “Galaxy Macau ™ ” travel package or HK$3,000 travel coupon!
26 Sep 2011
Collect all 5 COSMO We Shared butterflies to win the coolest tee shirt in town. Action now before the stock runs out.
22 Sep 2011
Samsung will donate $1 to the Hong Kong Red Cross for every catch of Loving Care butterfly.
15 Sep 2011
How to use Butterflies educate users about various function of iButterfly.
07 Sep 2011
Collect all 3 butterflies named "Airport" + "Express" + "Sure Thing" to enjoy 50% discount offer for a single journey on the Airport Expres.
07 Sep 2011
Collect 5 Mid-Autumn seasonal limited butterflies and guess the answer of specific riddle!
18 Aug 2011
Catch the PC Market butterfly and get a free iOS/Andriod bible in Hong Kong Computer Festival!
17 Aug 2011
Upon the collection of 'Computer Festival' butterfly series, we are giving you tickets to Hong Kong Computer Festival 2011
08 Aug 2011
Upon the collection of Samsung Galaxy butterfly series, you'll take home with Samsung Galaxy S II!
08 Aug 2011
The Expiry Date of Love tells how Siki experienced another kind of Journey of Love and encountered the eternity through joyfulness and tears. Want to know more about Siki’s journey? Go for the ‘Siki’ butterflies!
28 Jul 2011
With 5 butterflies in total, each butterfly comes along with a specially-selected drawings from young talents which brings you a reason to smile everyday!
26 Jul 2011
Collect all 3 butterflies named “I” + “Love” + “PCC” to enjoy buy 1 get 1 free.
13 Jul 2011
With 9 butterflies in total, each of them is equipped with a wallpaper for you to download. Go catch them all to enjoy a fun summer!
11 Jul 2011
Catch a 'Samsung' butterfly and win a chance to close up with Chelsea FC in Barclay Asia Trophy 2011 and other fabulous prizes!
10 Jul 2011
Catch a Sanrio butterfly and play games with Hello Kitty in person in Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan
from Aug 11 to Sep 4!
17 Jun 2011
iButterfly arrives App Expo in HKCEC from Jun 17 - 19! Visit us and bring home with great prizes!
10 Jun 2011
Visit one2free Mongkok and catch the ‘HTC Desire S’ Special Edition butterfly to bring home with the latest HTC Desire S!
31 May 2011
Just a few steps to share your joy with your friends!
30 May 2011
Siki, a rounded, skittery, lovely jelly-being, is a dustman of a deep ocean crater. Want to know more about Siki’s journey? Go for the ‘Siki’ butterflies!
26 May 2011
Free high tea Set and 100 cups of Coffee are just for you!
25 May 2011
Take a look of what offers you have caught by clicking the ‘i’ button on the top left corner of the butterfly screen. You may follow the different instructions for each collection to catch the designated butterfly combination and win a chance for great prizes.
24 May 2011
The latest iButterfly v1.1 is not available in appstore! Better system stability, more fun with exchanging butterfly… Download and feel the difference!
24 May 2011
Collect the adidas specific butterfly combination and win cool prizes like cash discount and $800 cash coupon!
17 May 2011
iButterfly has arrived Hong Kong on May 17! Visit appstore and search ‘iButterfly HK’ to download for free!
17 May 2011
The 9 adidas CLIMACOOL butterflies are specially designed with 9 different colors. Win a chance to grab HK$800 cash coupons and cash discount upon collection!
17 May 2011
With a total of 8 butterflies, the Pacific Coffee butterfly collection debuts with 6 types of butterfly available for catching. Catch one or more “C”、“O”、“F”、“F”、“E” or “E” butterfly to enjoy your perfect cup with a free size upgrade (except bottled drinks, juices and liqueur beverages)
17 May 2011
‘Fortune’ and ‘Jargon’ butterflies are specially designed by artist Kiki Wong, the creator of the famous local character ‘Siki’. The cute butterflies flying around makes you wear a smile everyday!